At a cost of only R200.00 pp, you can book the complete tour which includes a township meal, a tour detailing the life during the struggle and wonderful true stories from that time. Have a look at the wonderful display, listen to the soothing and unique music of the time and much more. Approximately 2 hours..


At a cost of only R 250.00, you can enjoy a quick township snack and a tour detailing the life during the struggle and true stories from that time under the township night. With the warm fire (mbaola) and praise songs by the youth in the area, join us for that unique township feel. Approximately 3 hours..


With a host of tour operators that include us on their tour of Soweto, you are sure to enjoy a relaxing but most importantly, an enlightening hour with us that includes a tour detailing our history as well as wonderful stories from yesteryear. Price R150 for a group of ten & more and R180 For a group of less than 10.


You can have an exclusive tour with our skilled tour guides that will enlighten you on some aspects of life in the townships during the struggle days. Nearby bed and breakfast establishments can also accommodate large groups for that township experience. Contact us for a detailed quote.